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Chris!! Marcus sounds really awesome and we’re looking forward to see what you do with him. You know the drill. Make your blog within 24 hours and submit it along with your email so we can add you to the OOC.
OOC Name: Chris
OOC Age: 18
Time Zone: EST
Activity Level: 7-9
OC Character Name: Marcus Hemstead
OC Character Age: 31
OC Character Class: Devil
Desired Face Claim: Paul Wesley
Quote: “If you don’t think you can make it in this world let me be the one to put you out of your misery.”
Three Positive Traits: Dedicated → Adaptable → Observant
Three Negative Traits: Anxious → Taciturn → Truculent
Past: CEO, Fiancé

Waking up from the first blackout was like waking up from a dream for Marc. That would be if everyone and his own identity in the old world were a figment of his imagination, because all that information was hazy when he opened his eyes. The mansion he found himself in was maze-like and the layout only became more frustrating when he noticed a dark female figure lurking behind him. Just as worried as anyone new to such a situation would be, Marc spent some time running and dodging before being forced to confront the creature after being backed into a closet. It wasn’t until he was truly fighting for his life when a spear from the shadow below the creature ran it through, skewering the monster right in front of him. Confused but relieved, he found his way to the front door easy enough after that and once he got outside he wasn’t even sure what to think. A barren world with creatures trying to eat him wasn’t the one he remembered, but because he couldn’t remember anything else he quickly adjusted. The mansion he woke up in kept him supplied for a few weeks and after an extensive search he found a driver’s license belonging to him, giving him just a bit of knowledge about himself. About a month into the apocalypse when most of the food and drink were gone it was time for him to venture out and see what he could find.
By the time the second blackout rolled around Marc had been doing well for himself. There was a small group he tagged along with as long as they weren’t a hindrance and he worked well with most as long as he was in a good mood. Waking up the second time he realized he could remember things he couldn’t before. He remembered the company he was the head of, the father he inherited the company from, and his fiancée. He remembered who he was, or at least who he had been, but he hadn’t forgotten who he was now. It was a time that should be left behind in his opinion. Who he knew, what he did? None of that would help him now, and he started moving on the moment the sky opened up and started raining fire. From the second blackout itself and everything immediately following it most of the group he’d been with was dead or frozen in fear. The bravest and the strongest went their separate ways and he did the same, taking to the roads in a pickup truck in search for anything that was going to help him stay alive.


At his core Marc is a humorous man who has the capacity to genuinely care for people. If he got to liking someone enough that’s a part of him he would allow to show through, but there are so many layers wrapped around that core that most of the times he’s very far from the man he should be. While he isn’t a coward he does have a tendency to be worried about something all the time. He likes to think this isn’t a problem as long as he’s doing what he needs to put his mind at ease again. Even though he’s not a talkative person he knows how to hold a conversation, and it’s only when the conversation turns into an argument won’t hesitate to say everything on his mind. As confusing as it might be, he rarely dislikes someone just because he was inclined to argue with them. In fact he sees nothing wrong with watching the back of a person he might have picked on just a day ago. According to him, if someone refused his help because he was previously mean to them then it’s their loss. All in all as long as long as Marc sees he’s getting as much help as he’s giving he has no problem doing what’s needed of him; even if he can be difficult to deal with.


Minefield – covering the ground in a layer of shadow and listening carefully to the shadow’s dull humming to destroy anything moving on it in the way of his choosing

Sample para:

A group without leaders was like a hive of bees who’ve just lost their queen. Everyone was scrambling, some for power, some for shelter, and others perhaps for their sanity. The second blackout had left them a mess of lifeless bodies and with most of those bodies belonging to the best of the group the weaker members were beginning to crumble. It was almost humorous to Marc, the way most of them seemed to forget everything this past year has taught them all because they no longer had someone to direct them. In the days following the rain of fire the group remained in a brick building half burned and melted by the heat. There were some who tried to step up, to reorganize what was left of them, but most had let fear win over any logical thinking. “I’m not meant to lead.” He said to those who pleaded to him, and when the pleading nearly turned hostile he took no time spelling it out for them. “Look at how scared you all are right now! When this place turned into even more of a hell than it’s already been you guys were almost killed because you could even move!” There was silence for a heat after that, and he hoped they were really thinking about what he was saying. “If we were out there now and a horde came our way I would fight, but if you guys can’t get up and fight without someone telling you to I won’t be the one saving all your asses.”
With the group counting him out after that and still unsure of what to do Marc became fed up with them. Some of the other members had already left, only seeing the group as something slowing them down, so he followed their lead. If anything staying there would only get him killed. After packing his things and getting in his car he didn’t even waste the time to say good-bye. There was something oddly liberating about being alone again. Without anyone to help take care of he only had to worry about himself, but it was that lack of company that helped to unnerve him just a bit more. Alone, he could take out most creatures with relative ease, but there were some he knew could only be taken care of with the help of others. At least as long as others were actually helping. It was only because of the fear of running into something too strong that he wanted to be with a group. Now that he’d added finding a group to his list of priorities he continued traveling on, in search for people who wouldn’t just lie down when the fight got too tough. Months later he wouldn’t have called himself hopeless but in keeping his mindset as realistic as possible he kept reminding himself it had to have been over a year now. Trying to believe there were many people still alive at this point was too optimistic for his liking. It wasn’t like him to give up though. Especially when he caught on to a trail and started seeing signs of life it would only be a matter of time before he ran into someone. He just hoped they would be worth his time.

Have you read the rules?: The Wind Rises

Chris!! Marcus sounds really awesome and we’re looking forward to see what you do with him. You know the drill. Make your blog within 24 hours and submit it along with your email so we can add you to the OOC.

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Hey Amanda! Of course the FC change to Ryan Gosling is fine. Just make up Rabbit’s blog within 24 hours and submit that along with the email so we can add you into the OOC.

OOC Name: Amanda

OOC Age: 19

Time Zone: Est

Activity Level (scale of 1-10): 7-8

Character Desired: Rabbit (fc change to Ryan Gosling as we spoke about)

Sample para (IC for who you are applying for, minimum 2 paragraphs):  

“Just consider it Rabbit. You know what you’re doing. We need someone like that. Josh is who knows where. Just –” Rabbit pushed off from the wall and shook his head, cutting off the young man.
“I’ve already told Anne my answer was no. And Greg, just stop fucking asking me.”
If Max had known what was good for him, he would have left Rabbit alone and not pushed the man who, recently, was in what seemed to be a chronically bad mood. He’d already been asked a handful of times to lead when the group’s stand-in leader suddenly vanished on a recon missions with two others. Rabbit didn’t fucking care, though. Three less mouths to feed, but then people started asking him to lead and he wanted no fucking part of that. He wasn’t going to be babysitting a bunch of helpless shits who were too scared out of their minds to do fucking anything.
As he’s about to leave the room, though, Max grabbed his arm in a pitiful last attempt at convincing him. “You could do it! You’ve helped us and–” He wasn’t even able to finish his sentence before Rabbit slammed him against the wall, holding him by his shirt, Duke smashed into the wall right beside his head. The young man looked like a boy now, eyes wide as he shook slightly. They’d all thought they had  seen Rabbit pissed. Whenever he fought zombies or ghouls or even bandits off, it was terrifying but nothing like this. It was nothing like seeing all that anger directed at you.
Rabbit tightened his grip on Max’s shirt, restricting the kid’s breathing as he looked him straight in the eyes, his own void of remorse or pity. “I said stop fucking asking me. I’m not going to be anyone’s fucking leader so you can tell fucking Anne and Greg and anyone else that. Got it?”
Max nodded slowly, fear clearly written on his face. He eyed mace out of the corner of his eyes and then blinked back to Rabbit who tightened his grip even more. “Well?”
He nodded faster, swallowing as he choked out his words. “Y-yes. Sorry.”
Rabbit rolled his eyes at the pitiful sight before him and let go, dislodging Duke from the wall easily, splintered drywall falling to the ground as he did so. Rabbit let it hang by his leg as he walked out of the room, but not before grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder.
“Wh-where are you going?” Despite the fear of the encounter, Max didn’t think it would be a great idea for Rabbit to leave, if only because they needed him.
“I’m leaving. You’re all dead anyway.” Rabbit had never been one to spend time on a lost cause and this group certainly was. They had no leader, he wasn’t going to become their leader and if only one thing had remained the same about Rabbit before and after the apocalypse it was that he always looked out for himself.
• Have you read the rules?: Howl’s Moving Castle (amazing)

Hey Amanda! Of course the FC change to Ryan Gosling is fine. Just make up Rabbit’s blog within 24 hours and submit that along with the email so we can add you into the OOC.

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Hey Myra! Parker seems really cool and we’re excited to see her join the group. Please make your blog within 24 hours and submit the link along with your email so we get invite you to the OOC.
OOC Name: Myra
OOC Age: 18
Time Zone: EST
Activity Level (scale of 1-10): 5/6 
OC Character Name: Parker Scott
OC Character Age: 31
OC Character Class: Executioner
Desired Face Claim: Missy Peregrym
Quote: “Some days, I wish I had woken up without knowing who I am, but then I remember who I’d be forgetting.” 
✔ intelligent → trained → protective
✘ quick-tempered → self-destructive → guilt-ridden 
Past: sister, cop, aunt

Parker was born a minute before her sister Jacklyn, and she always held that against her. The two girls were inseparable but were prone to fights and arguments that would end with both of them in time-out. The identical twins grew up bickering and teasing each other. They lived pretty normal lives until they were eighteen and their parents died in a car wreck. Parker was the big sister, by facts and personality, so she took over as head of the household. She became a police officer and found the action to be much more entertaining than the paperwork. She broke a few rules and regulations while working, but she never got caught because she never did anything serious. She didn’t care much for the rules, but when her sister came to her with a great business idea, she made a decision that she hated. She didn’t have the time nor the money to attend college to get the necessary training for running a business, so she decided to join the Army Reserves. Her education would be paid for, as long as she did what she was told. Joining the military was something Parker never thought she’d ever do. She found the intense workouts in bootcamp to be actually fun, but her time there was cut short when she found out her sister was pregnant. Jacklyn was left to raise the baby alone, but Parker wouldn’t let that happen. She quit bootcamp and returned home to take care of her sister. Emma Scott was born one month before the apocalypse began.
Luckily, the Scott family woke up with all of their memories in-tact. Their neighbor, however, was no so lucky, and when they went over there to see if he was alright, he tried to kill them because he thought they were attempting to rob him. The girls ran off with Emma and left New York City. It took a while for reality to settle in for Jacklyn, but Parker understood what was happening right away. It was the end of the world. She silently vowed to protect her family at all costs. She was successful until winter came. A horde of walkers overran the camp the Scott family was staying in and a member of the group was babysitting the child. That unlucky fellow was one of the first to die, as was Emma. After the horde passed, Parker and Jacklyn returned to the camp to search for Emma and found her lying on the ground alive, or so they thought until they went to pick her up. She had been bitten and had turned. The infection went through her body much faster than it did for adults due to her small size. Parker was the one to put her down. They traveled alone until the middle of March when they ran into a friendly group of survivors. Little did the twins know, a demon was hunting the group down. Jacklyn was possessed by that demon and it took advantage of her fire abilities. It burnt down the building the group was staying in, killing most of the group. All of the survivors ran off except for a preacher and Parker. She had to protect her sister. She held Jacklyn down while the preacher tried to save her life, but his efforts failed when Jacklyn caught herself on fire, setting the other two ablaze as well. Parker was the only one who walked away that night. Jacklyn and the preacher were burnt alive and buried with the demon no where to be seen. Parker went off her own, broken and unsure why she was alive. 


Parker Scott has always been protective. She’s as loyal as a dog once she gets close to someone, but since the loss of her family, she’s been hesitant to build close relationships with others. She uses sarcasm and a lack of a filter to push people away from her. She views herself now a lone wolf but knows to survive that she must belong to a group. Work distracts her from her guilt conscience, so she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and to help out. Most days, she wonders why she’s even alive.

Powers: She hasn’t found her spirit weapon yet
Sample para:
"Hush her up!" Parker hissed. Her sister listened by quickly shoving a pacifier into Emma’s mouth. The baby was only three and a half months old, but she was a fighter. She’d be a handful in a normal environment, but in the apocalypse, she was more of a liability. She cried periodically throughout the night, so matter what anyone did, and she drew walkers and other survivors to them. Parker wouldn’t dare hurt Emma, but, god, sometimes she felt like shutting her up for good. She brought so much unneeded dangers to them, and it was making Parker wear a bit thin.
With the baby quiet, Parker stood and peered through the darkness in attempt to find anyone who had been drawn in by the baby’s crying. She didn’t hear or see anything, so she sat back down on her log and continued with her half can of beans. Their supplies were running low, so the twins had to share meals, with Jacklyn getting a little more than Parker. Emma was living off of breast milk and formula, but her stomach often couldn’t tolerate the formula. She must have had a sensitive stomach lining because dealing with a crying baby just wasn’t enough. 
As Parker’s spoon hit the bottom of the can, she heard a twig snap behind her. She spun around, narrowing her eyes as she stared into the darkness. It had to be a walker or a survivor. Any of the animals around here would be caught in a trap she had made. She set down the can, nodded her head at Jacklyn, and grabbed her gun. Jacklyn scooped Emma up into her arms and headed towards the tent the three slept in. After she had zipped it up, Parker made her way over to where she heard the sound. It took only a minute for her to find the source.
"Was that a baby?" a walk looking man asked, his hands raised with a pistol in his right. Parker didn’t reply. "I have food and water. If you have a baby—" 
"Shut your mouth." Parker took a step towards the man with her rifle still raised. "You keep your fucking voice down." 
"I’m just trying to—" 
"That’s my family back there. You’re not getting close to them. You give me your bag and your gun, and you leave."
The man looked distraught. “This is all I have. If you take this, you’re killing me.”
"Good," Parker spit back. She wasn’t going to let a stranger get close to her family. Even if he just wanted some shelter, he could find it elsewhere. "Give me your stuff."
"Parker…" Jacklyn’s soft voice seemed to echo in Parker’s ears. She took a few steps back to bring her sister into view without taking her gun off the strange man. 
"You’re supposed to be at the camp."
"I was but now I’m here. Let him in."
"I can’t do that."
"You can," Jacklyn pushed. Parker hated it when she did this, when she was told what to do by her sister, but she always listened anyway. 
"What if he hurts us?"
"I can sleep outside," the man interrupted. Parker glared at him but finally lowered her gun.
"One night. That’s it." The man put his pistol away and walked over to Jacklyn but was stopped by Parker. She shoved the end of her rifle into his side. "Give me everything you’ve got. I’ll hold onto it until the morning." He quickly handed over his bag and his gun. She weighed it in her hands. He didn’t have much, and by taking him in like this, she may have saved his life. She didn’t care about that, though. She was different than her sister.
Have you read the rules?: Zombieland

Hey Myra! Parker seems really cool and we’re excited to see her join the group. Please make your blog within 24 hours and submit the link along with your email so we get invite you to the OOC.

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Anonymous asked:
would you be open to having a nonbinary character?

We’d be open to the idea but acceptance would rely on the quality of the character in the application.

-Admin Gia


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Updated App Count!

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Ask Wednesday

Every week on Wednesday, you can ask your fellow survivors questions on or off Anon which they must answer IC. For this reason, we ask that everyone makes their “ask” box available. Participation is optional, but the more people that participate, the more fun it will be!

So ask away!

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