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Aubrey Vance • 25 • Magus • Lauren Cohan • OPEN

❝ Have you ever heard all smiles and politeness above the table, but drawn knives beneath? Yeah, my knife is pretty sharp.❞

START: Credit Union, New Jersey


Aubrey’s life started out rocky. Her mother died just before her fifth birthday, leaving her father alone to raise both Aubrey and her younger brother, Jordan. Her father was good at heart, but the grief of losing his wife turned him to drinking, which in turn got him fired from just about every job he tried. This led him to a life of crime and while Aubrey was growing up, her father was in and out of jail for countless robbery charges. The children were looked after by an aunt, who begrudgingly looked after them, not really caring what they did one way or another. When Aubrey was sixteen and her brother just fourteen, the two of them were caught in a drive by shooting. Her brother was killed instantly and Aubrey was plagued with nightmares and grief afterwards. She started following down her father’s dark path. Barely graduating high school, college was never an option. So her father started showing her what he knew. Made her learn from his mistakes, up until the day he was caught again and sent to prison for 15 years. Determined that she could do better, Aubrey started off small, pick pocketing and shop lifting. It escalated quickly, Aubrey’s skill and ingenuity shining through. At the age of twenty five, she’d never been caught, had upped her game to include fraud, money laundering and identity theft. She was a skilled and professional criminal, doing extremely well for herself. 


Waking up in a Credit Union, Aubrey discovers the world to be distinctly different and strange than what she remembers. Her memory is completely in tact, but she remembers nothing of how the world ended. The skills she acquired during her time as a thief come in handy, allowing her to break into houses silently to gather supplies and find shelter. But it’s an ultimately different world. Money no longer means a thing and the scams she was running before the world ended mean nothing now. She knows how to use a gun, not to the best of it’s ability, but she can point and shoot. She mostly tries to avoid conflict. Or if she comes across it, in her panic, she finds she can do the most unique things with illusions. Something as small as making a coin disappear from sight to something as big as creating an illusion of herself to distract the zombies while she runs the other way. When she comes across the group, she’s a bit leery of them at first, but is smart enough to know her best bet of survival is to go with them. She’s not in this to make friends, but she’s polite and devious with a natural ease, because you never know when you’ll need someone to take a bullet, or a bite, for you. 


A liar through practice, Aubrey is all smiles and politeness to someone’s face, but its mostly just an act. She let’s very few people get close to her these days. She doesn’t trust anyone, but she understands the advantage to having people trust her. It will always give her the upper hand and if things come down to it, she’ll have people who will sacrifice themselves for her in a pinch. She’s a survivalist, a scam artist, and a manipulator. But her motivation is to keep on breathing, keep on making it to tomorrow. She’s not out to hurt anyone, but if it comes down to them or her, she’ll always chose herself.

✔ intelligent → motivated → eager
✘ dishonest → manipulative → distrusting


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