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Joseph Benoit • 31 • Preacher • Tom Mison • OPEN

❝ God still exists. He is simply testing us. I refuse to believe it’s anything else. ❞

START: Baltimore, Maryland


Born and raised in a comfortably middle class family in Maryland, Joseph always had a strong and abiding sense of faith. When he was six, his three year old sister drowned in a swimming pool when he was supposed to be watching her. The church was the first place he turned for some sense of peace and absolution, and it was no surprise that when he was old enough that was what he dedicated his life to. After he graduated high school he attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. After his ordination, it still took several years until he became minister of his own congregation in South Carolina. While not against the Lutheran faith, Joseph didn’t date or have any interest in it, giving himself to his work and to God with a single minded determination. He was only back home in Baltimore to visit his parents when the world ended.


Joseph woke up on the living room floor of the house he’d grown up in, with both of his parents dead across from him. At a loss and in a panic, he tried desperately to resuscitate them both, praying to God for them to come back. He didn’t expect it to actually work, but then he didn’t expect his own father to try and take a chunk out of him first thing. Never a violent man, he ran instead, locking them in the house behind them. At a loss in ways he’d never been in his life and with the city dead around him, he knelt in the middle of the street and prayed for an answer. It came in the form of a man who shoved a gun in his hand and told him to get his ass up. The man got him out of Baltimore before abandoning him, and while he initially panicked, he tried to find peace in his still abiding faith. The sense of calm and certainty isn’t new to him, but even with the white marks appearing on his arms it doesn’t occur to him that it might be caused by something other than his beliefs.


Understanding to a fault, Joseph tries to find the best in people even when they don’t deserve it. Hesitant around the dead and shy to strike out at them even with the thought that their souls are gone, he’s survived more by hiding than he has by fighting. A little naive and a little flighty, maintaining the calm he’s always had comes a little more difficult than it used to, and he’s prone to the occasional anxiety attack. That being said, he does his best to be helpful and always has an open ear, and what he believes is sage advice to offer.

✔ understanding → pleasant → trusting
✘ nervous → hesitant → inexperienced


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